International Conference on Renewable Energies will be held in December this year with the support of Renewable Energy Research and Technology Bureau

Renewable Energy Organization of Iran

Renewable Energy Development in Iran as a developing country with an oil-based economy is a difficult and time-consuming process which requires the cooperation of all domestic and international actors.

However, policymakers, industrialists, academicians and researchers have paid proper attention to the field of renewable energy in the country in recent years.

In this regard, the Association of Iran's Renewable Energies in order to display Iran's national determination in the development, creating a stable and planned image for investors, coordinating and guiding the international macroeconomic interactions and making the companies and foreign investors aware of various aspects of the investment atmosphere and potential of local companies in the field of renewable energy, has attempted to organize an international conference in the field.

The conference sponsored by Renewable Energy Technology Development Committee, Renewable Energy Organization of Iran, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran will be held on December 6-8 this year.a


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Iran’s Sixth Development Plan also provided for the installation of 500 MW of new solar capacity by 2018. Iran’s climate is diverse, and many of its regions are arid. Because the south, northwest and southeast regions receive around 300 days of sun per year, they are uniquely suited for solar energy. The Iranian government has prioritized the central region in particular due to its climate and proximity to the national power grid.


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