Italian private sector will reportedly invest in a waste-to-energy power plant worth of €60mn in Qazvin province

Italian private sector will reportedly invest in a waste-to-energy power plant worth of €60mn in Qazvin province.

Mr. Giuseppe Venditti, the Director-General of Italian mines and energy and Ali Setayesh, Managing Director for Middle East in Italian Genesis sat with Qazvin provincial authorities, including the deputy-governor and water and energy officials to negotiate the establishment of a waste-to-power energy plant in the province. The meeting saw some proposals to attract foreign investments to the plan and other projects which included also a water treatment plant, water desalination facility, solar power plant, and development of renewable energies.

Mr. Venditti said that Iran and Italy enjoyed good relations even during the sanctions; “we hope to implement the agreements in the past during the post-sanctions era as well; with Mr. Rouhani’s visit to Italy, grounds for bilateral cooperation in trade and economy have been excellent,” he added.

“Lending weight to environment and human health and welfare should constitute the central issue of the industrial and construction projects; Italian private sector welcomes investments in waste management. In renewable energies, Qazvin province enjoys capabilities which make it a fitting candidates to such projects. We hope to hit a good agreements at the end of the day,” Venditti told the meeting.

“We would trace a bright vista for Qazvin in terms of waste management and generating power from the disposed material; based on this premise, Italy’s private companies will carry out the feasibility studies for establishment of a waste-to-energy power plant (waste burning power plant) with 500-700 tons of waste daily and a power plant of 18.5mW capacity with €60mn as finance by Italian side,” he detailed.


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Iran’s Sixth Development Plan also provided for the installation of 500 MW of new solar capacity by 2018. Iran’s climate is diverse, and many of its regions are arid. Because the south, northwest and southeast regions receive around 300 days of sun per year, they are uniquely suited for solar energy. The Iranian government has prioritized the central region in particular due to its climate and proximity to the national power grid.


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